As you can see, ours is no ordinary, cattle-car gym. We started by signing the country’s best new trainers and fitness specialists. Each with an unparalleled resume training a-list celebrities like Madonna, Courtney Cox, Chuck Norris, to the top athletes and world champions.

Every piece of equipment was then handpicked and specifically chosen by our experts to ensure weight-loss while promoting lean muscle gains. Our clients get in the absolute best shape of their lives, in the shortest time possible.  

Our innovative classes are specifically designed using the latest health and bio-medical research, along with proven techniques used by the finest professional athletes. These aren’t the dressed-up ’70 aerobic classes or silly kickboxing classes you’ll find at those other cookie-cutter gyms, ours are programs are designed to truly change your life.
Our state-of-the-art programs range from first time beginners looking to shed a few pounds and develop lean muscle, to celebrities and pro-athletes needing to keep their world-class physiques and cutting-edge athletic abilities. We even specialize in fitness training and combat defense classes for law enforcement officers needing to keep that life-saving edge.

Whether you've never seen the inside of a gym, or are a six-day-a-week seasoned pro, we have a custom class designed specifically for you.  Not only will you get in the best shape of your life, you’ll feel younger, healthier, stronger and in the process you'll learn critical self- defense skills that could protect you, even potentially save your life.

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